Miniséri is a bags and accessories brand which has drawn its inspiration by revamping French style bags for a daily use which bore the “tuck” metallic clasps from the 1950’s to 1970’s. French school-children’s satchels, teacher’s bags, postman’s shoulder bags, stamper’s bags, binoculars or camera cases, retro small suitcases, totes, handbags, bowling bags.. These are among many timeless and simple designs which have been revamped with noble materials and which bear the Miniséri stamp clasps.

The brand was founded by Céline Basset in 2007 and was initially designed for children. It has entirely built its fame by revamping the well-known School bag which has now become the icon product of the Brand: the “French Cartable”.

Today Miniséri is a top of the range, definitely modern trademark which has been looking to support and promote French creativity worldwide through its creations evoking French style.

“Designed in France and made on Earth” also illustrates the Brand’s will to defend the origin of its work on one hand, and the importance of working with carefully selected specialized workshops in Asia and Europe on the other hand. This openness to the world has allowed Miniséri to develop and to be distributed in Australia and Asia today.

A recognized fashion reference, the Miniséri satchel has been associated with famous brands like Bonpoint for co-branding operations. Miniséri products are sold at Bon Marché (Paris), Citadium (Paris), MoMA (NY), Tsum (Moscow), Coin (Italy) but also worldwide.

Céline and her daughters,
Lucie et India


Céline entre à l'école avec son cartable aux gros fermoirs qui renfermait ses jolis cahiers, ses crayons qui sentaient la mine fraichement taillée et ses livres illustrés. A la sortie de l'école, elle joue à la maîtresse avec la "serviette"* de son grand-père, celui même qui se fermait d'un gros fermoir en métal appelé "tuck". Les souvenirs prennent ici racine et Céline était alors loin d'imaginer qu'elle allait un jour être celle qui la première le remit au goût de jour. *saccoche qui se fermait d'un fermoir tuck


The year her daughters first went to school, Céline Basset-Biagi, the brand creator re-designed the small satchel. She created the bags in canvas with a blackboard on which “My first school bag” was written..

The Miniséri brand presented its first collection at the Home Trade show in Paris. Its products were highly successful and sold everywhere across France and in Paris’ main boutiques and department stores.


Miniséri designed a limited edition of the first satchel for “Le petit Nicolas” movie launch, exclusively sold at Colette’s in Paris.


Bonpoint approached Miniséri to co-brand its satchel. This business venture is still ongoing.


In the fashion world, satchel became trendy accessories. Miniséri extended its range and made items available for all (adults, teenagers and children).

They started selling in MoMa shops.


Miniséri is now distributed in Australia in a selection of shops for kids..
The distribution is done by Kathryn Cason


Miniséri is celebrating its 5th anniversary and will open its 1st shop in Marseille,
in the distric where the brand is born.


En 2013, le cartable Miniséri devient le "French Cartable".
L'élégante collection de sacs et accessoires en cuir s'exprime
dans une gamme qui s'intitule "Un Style Français".
Une nouvelle collection 100% scolaire fun et funky voit le jour :
"School Bus".


Miniséri bags are designed in France and are inspired by the old school world to create today’s accessories. All items are designed by the creator of Miniséri in the heart of the show room in Marseille, France.

Our products are manufactured in workshops selected with the utmost care. We work exclusively with small workshops or family factories located in France, North Africa or China.
Our manufacturers are partners whom we trust and who work according to our specifications demanding high quality products with fine finishings.

We are a young company bearing the colours of French Creation for our customers. We are very open to the world and strongly defend our values with all our business partners.


Quality and tailoring of our products are our prime concern. We select natural cotton or leather materials. Some canvas sheets are coated to make them waterproof and stronger. All our linings are made of pretty poplins, mostly printed. Our clasps are made in Zamak, a solid and stainless alloy.

Our products are manufactured with the utmost care and comply with leather craft specific techniques. Like all products made in noble materials, they require special attention and adequate care.

As we pay attention to our customers and to ensure they are fully satisfied, we set up a customer service department.


Miniséri supports associations for ill children or children in need of schooling by donating its products regularly.

Miniséri support the fantastic work of “Pour Le Fil d’Ariane Association” which helps ill children’s families.

Miniséri has also donated products to the “Soutien a l’Eburnéenne Association” which helps African children in need of schooling.


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